Wine Cellars

We won the coveted Virginia Governor’s Cup award twice…we design great wines!

We’re passionate about making wine and have a deep respect for the land, practicing viticulture for 22 years and designing wine for 18 years, it comes naturally to us.

We both grew up in Salem, VA and we began this journey simply because we personally enjoy wines and everywhere we have travelled, over the almost 50 years together, a winery stop was part of our trip. ‘Do what you love’ is our life’s motto.

In addition, Russ has always had an appreciation for agriculture so, with acreage at his Bent Mountain home, many how-to conferences and learning from other wine makers in VA, we entered the world of viticulture and put our land to good use. If you ask anyone, we are both determined self-learners who are driven by passion and a good challenge.

AmRhein is a German name meaning “on the Rhein” (Rhine) River. AmRhein’s Wine Cellars is a Virginia family owned and operated, 100% estate-grown winery, specializing in wines with a German influence located in Southwest VA off Blue Ridge Parkway milepost 136 and only 22 minutes from Roanoke. We are the 63rd winery in Virginia. Our vineyards were first planted in 1995 and our first crush occurred in 1999. The winery opened in 2000 with a Viognier.

AmRhein’s Wine Cellars is set apart by the broad range of microclimate and elevation to produce a vast range of different varietals to create various wines. These land options provide perfect terroir & climate for each grape type.

Bent Mountain vineyards (near Copper Hill) boosts an elevation of 2,600 ft., with 9 acres of volcanic granite soil, which drains well and holds nutrients making it profitable to grow Chambourcin, Vidal Blanc, Traminette. This is the site of the winery, as well.

Franklin County vineyards (on Cahas Mountain), with 12 acres at 1,900 ft., displays very fertile red clay soil supporting grape varieties of Viognier, Muscat Ottonel, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Aglianico, Petit Manseng, Traminette, Petit Verdot.

Botetourt County vineyards (on Rt. 460, and off BR Parkway) showcases a 1,200 ft. elevation vineyard hosting 19 acres of vines with various soil types supporting Petit Verdot, Touriga Nacional, Cabernet Sauvignon, Marsanne, Aglianico, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio.

These vineyards set at three different locations afford us the luxury of designing all our wines from 100% estate grown grapes which is unique in this industry. No grapes during crush are purchased from any other vineyard or winery, making our wines a true and distinct ‘taste of the Blue Ridge Mountains.’

The wines have won numerous awards, and are considered some of the finest. With over 15 wines in classic styles of both reds and whites and in the exclusive blends found in our personally designed Eclectic brand, AmRhein’s Wine Cellars tempts every palate! 

A fun fact for our customers ~ Russ Amrhein, in his 30’s, had a 200 hog operation in his backyard on Poor Mountain that was a ‘hobby’ & provided supplemental income for about 10 years. Our family likes to tease him and say ‘From Swine To Wine’ as the family slogan & joke. If only our 2 children had grown up on a vineyard instead of a pig farm…but the stories are priceless!

We hope you will come visit our winery on Bent Mountain or stop by our tent during a wine festival around Virginia and get to know us. We would love to meet you and see what you think about our wines!


Russ & Paula Amrhein